Outline Planning Consent for 60 dwellings at Barton Seagrave, Northamptonshire – Granted

Darwin Land Promotions were pleased to hear on 8th November 2016, that Kettering Borough Council’s (KBC) Planning Committee confirmed a Resolution to Grant Outline Planning Consent for 60 units, following our planning application for the same over 6.5 acre site at Barton Seagrave, Northamptonshire, subject to agreeing on the terms of a Section 106 Agreement.

This has been a hard-won consent, following it being regarded by KBC’s Senior Planning Officers 3 years ago as “being premature for residential development”.

We look forward to the S.106 terms being agreed in the next few weeks and our landowners’ appointing sole or joint selling agents following receipt of marketing proposals from a number of would-be selling agents, who have been invited to offer their opinions as to the sites’ value and terms of business. We expect that the marketing of this site will commence on the open market in the New Year, 2017.

On the back of this most recent success, we are progressing commencing the promotion of more sites, with the view to continuing our 100% success rate!